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While visiting Magnolia Market (Chip and Joanna's store) in Waco, they were constructing a new barn in the back. It was interesting to see 8-10 men actually raising a barn structure by hand and we inquired about who the builder was. That's how we discovered Heritage Barns, in Waco, Texas. Heritage specializes in restoring old barns into new structures across the US and around the world. Having a wedding venue in mind, we scheduled a visit to Heritage and were lucky enough to meet with the owner who we discovered was an amazing person. Kevin seemed to be as much a passionate historian as he was a builder and shared lots of very interesting stories about his love for old barns. One fact in particular that we learned about was the tipping point for us in knowing what direction we wanted to go with our wedding barn. Back in the pre-1830's period when barn timbers were all carved by hand, (called hand-hewning) the craftsman of those days would have to form each timber joint by hand. These structural joints are called a mortise and tenon joint. Each joint was specifically and exclusively created to perfectly fit only one other connection just like a real life couple who have been created by God exclusively and perfectly for each other. The moment we heard this, we knew what the name of our barn had to be. It would be called, The Meekermark. Today, the original barn that makes up the core frame of the Meekermark in Magnolia, Texas, was originally constructed by hand in Canada just across the border from Buffalo, New York around the year 1830 almost 200 years ago. It was disassembled and carefully catalogued by the team at Heritage Barns, trucked to Waco, Texas where it was restored and repaired. It was then raised by hand by 6 skilled timber craftsman from Heritage where it stands now in Magnolia, Texas. The Meekermark will forever be a place where over 20 years of Meeker family wedding experience combine under an authentic 200 year old barn to make the perfect place for a couple to start their married lives together.

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