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Tips for Bridal Extravaganza

By Diane on Oct 01, 2018

Before the Show

Tickets, Seminars and Fashion Shows

The Bridal Extravaganza Show is one of the largest bridal shows in the nation. The show has been hosted twice a year for over three decades. There is much more to the show than being merely a large gathering place for vendors from every aspect of the wedding industry. In addition to the vendors present at the show, there will be fashion shows, wedding seminars and celebrity guest appearances throughout the two day festivities. Attendees of the show will have access to all the above right underneath their fingertips.

After you have decided to attend the Bridal Extravaganza, one of the first things you have to decide is whether you would like to attend the show for one day or both days and purchase the tickets accordingly. The show schedules for both days are the same and you could designate one day to attend all the events, such as fashion shows and seminars and the other day to walk through and experience all the booths. Wedding seminars are highly recommended because it is designed to provide detailed information regarding one specific topic, and experienced industry leaders will be hosting the seminars. It is a good idea to skim through the list of vendors to see if there are specific vendors you want to make sure to stop by.

Assemble Your Wedding Squad

Once you have decided to attend the Bridal Extravaganza, you have to think about who you would like to go to the Bridal Extravaganza with? Just yourself? Your bridesmaids? Mothers & sisters? It is a great time to include anyone you would like to help make decisions on your wedding day with you. Attending the Bridal Extravaganza is like attending a mini bachelorette party. Attendees in the past years have gotten very creative with wearing matching bridal party shirts and bridal accessories to the show. It is definitely a fun element to consider!

Day of the Show

Download the Bride Guide App

Download the Bride Guide app for the day! It is an application created by The Bridal Extravaganza that includes a master list of all vendors listed in major vendor categories, such as Beauty and Edibles, for easier access. As an attendee you can go to the specific category that you are interested in finding a vendor and see all the vendors that are listed with a little introduction paragraph about their company. Another feature of the application is that it allows the attendees to takes notes and pictures of anything that catches their eyes at the show and the app will keep it all in one place for you!

Arranging the Best Way to Get There

The Bridal Extravaganza is held at one of the largest convention centers in Houston – The George R. Brown Convention Center. Specifically to the bridal shows happening this year and next year, the George R. Brown is undergoing construction until 2017 therefore arranging the most efficient transportation outlet would allow a smoother transition into the event. There are three main ways you can navigate to the show, you may drive to the venue, ride the metro rail or have a Uber driver drop you off. If you choose to drive to the convention center, George R. Brown provides different parking options on their website here. If you would like more information on each transportation option, you can check out the videos right here on The Bridal Extravaganza website.

During the Show

Experience the show with an open mind, there will be over 400 wedding vendors in attendance providing more elaborate services than you can imagine, the show is a one stop shop that offers any wedding inspiration, tips and tricks, and secret information from industry professionals all across Houston.

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