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5 Reasons Why We Love Family Style

By Samantha on Oct 02, 2019

 Catering Family Style

 When it comes to weddings and other social events, catering a meal served family style means much more than just serving large family size portions. We like to think of this style as the perfect mix of casual and formal and the perfect blend of a familiar but also a unique event dining experience!

5 Reasons We Love Family Style:

1.    Unlike buffet style service, family style meals are served course by course, table by table to seated guests. The sharable portions are presented in the middle of the table where the meal can really become the centerpieces of the table.  

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2.     Unlike a traditional seated dinner service, the portions are meant to be self-served and shared by all guests at the table. The self-serving and passing around of each dish makes family style dining slightly more casual than the classic seated dinner experience.

3.    Sharing a meal communally by all guests at the table meals guests who may not know each other will have to talk and mingle. 

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4.    Family style meals may be familiar way to share a meal at home but it is not as common as other styles of dining for large social events making it a unique experience for many guests at your event.  


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5.    Eating family style simply equates to family.What better way for two families to become one other than sharing a meal with each other!


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